To enjoy our date to the fullest I have few guidelines. This is to make sure our date goes smoothly and for you to have the best experience possible. 

Be a gentleman

I will treat you with the outmost respect and I expect the same from you.

I will gladly accommodate your needs and desires as long as you adress me with respect, good manners and behave like gentleman. 

Personal hygiene 

Impeccable hygiene is a must, I will always be freshly showered on your arrival therefore I expect the same from you. 

So before our date, please shave, shower etc so to make the most of our time together. 

If you are coming directly from work i kindly ask you to have a shower on arrival.  

Mode of communication 

I prefer to communicate via text or email, I will answer all texts emails as prompt as possible. 

Text usually within the hour often less, emails within six hours. 

Before reaching out make sure you have read all the information provided so I don’t have to repeat it. 


Screening is a requirement, without screening I cannot not see you. Rest assured that any information provided is confidential between you and I guarantee that it will not be kept past our date. 

Screening will contain of 

  • Proof of ID 
  • Proof of Employment 
  • References from other providers you have seen in the last six months. They must be willing to vouch for your good and appropriate behavior. 
  • For this I need you to provide me with the name they know you as, their telephone number, email and links to their websites and or ads.  
  • Proof of reservation of hotel/Airbnb if you are requesting an outcall. 
  • P411

Deposit and Donations 

To secure your booking I will need a deposit, this is nonrefundable as I have put time aside for you. 

If I would need to cancel you will get a full refund or you can transfer the deposit for a future date. 


I prefer my donations to be in cash.  

Please have the donation ready on arrival and do not make me have to embarrass you by asking for it.

Have the full amount ready on arrival in an envelope for dates and in greeting cards when meeting in public establishments. 

The sooner this is taken care of the sooner we can start to enjoy out time together.

Drugs and alcohol 

I understand some people enjoy the use of drugs and alcohol however I do not take drugs and drink only socially. 

So please do not take any hard drugs in my presence and keep alcohol consumption to a social level. 


I appreciate a minimum of 24 hour notice for any bookings, specially overnight or longer engagements.

Overnight and longer engagements will be prioritized.

Longer engagements and Overnights 

Any date over 3 hours require some sort of social activity such as dinner, drinks, spa, theater, exhibition or a even a gym session together 🙂

An overnight booking contains of a 12 hour date. 

Please note that overnight doesn’t mean I am obliged to do every single service I provide during the 12 hours. 

I expect us to have a minimum of six hour uninterested sleep. You can of course cuddle me but please do let me sleep!

If there’s any inappropriate behavior during this six hours I will have to terminate our date. 

Fly Me To You 

If you want an FMTY booking all expenses should be covered by you such as transportation, accommodation and the donation for the date itself. 

When requesting a FMTY engagement the time frame must be realistic. I will of course try to accommodate you on short notice if possible but a min of 48 hours notice is preferred and appreciated.

Screening is required as well as a deposit that I must receive 48 hours prior the booking. 

During a FMTY engagement ll also need at least two hours of personal time to visit the gym and to check emails etc.

I promise to be discreet, honest and any screening information you share with me will be destroyed after we meet