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Escort Interview with Alexandra Parker

Alexandra, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as confident, ambitious, kind, big-hearted sweetheart with a wild, rebellious streak! I often do get compliments for my charming and engaging personality.

Oh, and my laughter! I do laugh a lot! I’m a positive person, I always look at things from the bright side.

You have quite an interesting background, tell us a bit about it.

Well, I was born in Santiago, Chile but raised In Stockholm Sweden. My father is Swedish, and my mother is Chilean, so I basically grew up with two cultures. I guess this cultivated my passion for travelling.

By the time I was 18 years old I had moved to New York City and by the time I was 20 I was living in London and attending the prestigious London College of Fashion where I earned a degree in Make Up Artistry.

I lived in London for several years where I became a very successful Make Up artist. I got to travel the world and meet some incredible people. But as with everything in my life I firmly believe that as talented as I might be, it is my personality that has taken me places.

Now I reside between Stockholm and New York, and tour worldwide, I am very lucky!

How do you spend your free time and what are your interests?

If you follow me on social media, you know about my passion for fitness. To me this is fun! While other go to bars or nightclubs, I go to the gym or for a jog. My body is a temple and I treat is a such.

I believe in healthy clean living, I don’t smoke, drink almost no alcohol. A few years ago, I was very ill for quite a while which taught me to never take my body and health for granted. And if I am perfectly honest, I am a little vain too, I love looking good! 🙂

I attended drama school as a teenager, so I am still very interested in art and theater. I have recently started to do modelling as well as creating erotic content for OnlyFans.

This led to a new-found interest in photography. I am actually learning photography and photoshop as we speak, I love learning new things!

Describe your perfect date

One of my passions in life is fine dining and I have been fortunate enough to have dined in some incredible places all around the globe. So, I guess my perfect date would start with you picking me up and when I open the door, I greet you with a warm kiss and tell you how handsome you look.

You lose your breath when you see me all dressed up in beautiful figure-hugging dress, high heels, perfect make-up and hair, oh I love getting dressed up! And of course, the most exquisite lingerie underneath… If you are lucky, I might give you a little peak of what you will be removing after dinner 🙂

We proceed to a beautiful restaurant, I’m so proud to walk by your side. During dinner we flirt, laugh, gently touch each other’s legs under the table and let the anticipation grow.

Once dinner is over, we head back, at this point we can’t keep our hands off each other, the anticipation is too much. Finally, it’s time to remove my sexy lingerie…. And what happens next? Well, that, I leave to your imagination.

Finally, Alexandra where do you see yourself in 5 years?

You know, I have created such a beautiful life for myself with some wonderful people in it so my hope is that in 5 years’ time, my life will be equally beautiful.

I would have achieved some of my personal business and fitness goals of course, but I sincerely hope that I will still be a successful and established companion and still have all my wonderful suitors in my life, I truly love and cherish the life I am living.